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Why "Change lanes to pass"?  I thought the law was "3 feet"?  


In July of 2010, the "John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act" also known as the "3 foot law" was passed in the state of Mississippi.


Bike Walk Mississippi was instrumental in helping to get the 3 foot law legislation passed and has spend the past six years continuing to promote bicycle safety in Mississippi by educating motorists, bicyclists, law enforcement and the general public about the law.  And, during that time, Bike Walk Mississippi has been listening and in doing so, has learned some very important lessons.  


For example, MANY MOTORISTS SIMPLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW TO SAFELY PASS or interact with a bicyclist when on the road.  And, many Law Enforcement Officers are unclear on the specifics of the Law, which has led to many unticketed or unprosecuted cases.  And, while some motorists can be aggressive (as can cyclists), WE BELIEVE THAT MOST ARE NOT.


In answer to these issues, Bike Walk Mississippi created the "Change Lanes to Pass" campaign as

a dedicated STATEWIDE and unified effort to increase bicycle safety across the State.

This campaign is an opportunity for individuals and groups around the state to come together with ONE VOICE and demand better for those who ride bicycles - whether by choice or by need - in the State of Mississippi.  We believe that with increased education, trainings and promotion, we can increase the safety for all vulnerable users of the roads in Mississippi.  And, we believe it starts with US. 

The "Change Lanes to Pass" Campaign is not about cars vs bikes. It is about human beings. 

It is time to do our part to make the Law CLEAR.  

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Change lanes to Pass is only possible because of tax-deductible donations from people like you. 

 Donations will go to support the effort to increase bicycle safety all across Mississippi. 







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