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Increasing Bicycle Safety in Mississippi



One of the best ways to increase bicycle safety is to change perception

by humanizing cyclists.   


By working to humanizing "cyclists", we can encourage a shift in perception, increase awareness, productive dialog &start to change the culture toward a compassionate & mutual respect on the roads. 

Download our PSA's here focusing on reminding others that people who ride bikes are also someone’s daughter or son,  husbands or wives, mother or father.  







In order to truly tackle increased bicycle safety in Mississippi, we

must focus on education.


We must work to educate bicyclists, motorists, city officials AND law enforcement.  


By learning the proper safety and becoming more comfortable with MS Bike Law, we can equip ourselves with power to ride as safely as possible and to advocate for safer roads. 





The 3 foot law was passed in July 2010, which means we still need to work together to assist & train Law enforcement officers. 



If bicyclists take an educational approach

to law enforcement officers, we can build allies that can offer the greatest level of protection for bicyclists on Mississippi's roads.  


Familiarize yourself with the 3 foot law- Print out a pocket guide to keep with you!  

Report any crashes involving a vehicle or other incidents of harrassment here. 






Data shows that the more bicyclists on the roads, the safer it becomes for EVERYONE.  


In order to make the roads safer, ONE of the things we must do is increase ridership. Data shows that when there is a serious bicycle crash, it almost always involves someone driving a car. When there are a lot of bicyclists on the road, drivers tend to be more aware and take notice. They become more attentive, slow down, pass more cautiously, double-check their blind spots, expect the unexpected. And, as a result, the road becomes safer for everyone. 




Both motorists AND bicyclists must make a personal commitment to do their part to obey the law. 


In order to facilitate a safer Mississippi for bicyclists, we must make a commitment on both sides.  

This means a commitment to following the law when we are riding a bike and a commitment to safe driving when we are behind the wheel of a car.  It goes both ways and change starts with each of US! 

Check out the "I'll do my Part" PSA!







Move from Cyclist to Advocate.  

Any movement is more powerful when it has more voices, especially when these voices come together to speak the same language, have the same "ask" and demand change.  


Bike Walk Mississippi is the statewide advocacy organization leading this charge and in order to help assist cyclists to become better advocates, they offer Workshops, Webinars and Trainings. These workshops can be tailored to your group's needs but will focus on creating Bicycle Safety campaigns and learning how to become an advocate for bicycle programs, policies and infrastructure in your city or town. Sign up here. 

Next Steps you can take:

  1. Download a pocket guide version of the Law - keep it with you. 

  2. Make sure everyone you know is aware of the need to change lanes to pass.  Take 10 seconds to Share the Video. 

  3. Download safety materials and take them to bike shops, schools or give them out on rides. Put up free safety posters.

  4. Fill out an online incident report if your are involved in a collision or harrassment.  

  5. Host a workshop for bicycle safety.  Or invite your law enforcement or elected leaders to attend!  

  6. Support the statewide campaign to increase bicycle safety by making a donation in honor of a loved one! 


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