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Why Yellow?


The reason we ask people around Mississippi to wear Yellow on Wear Yellow Day is because people take notice when people wear Yellow (or High Vis) clothing in everyday life.


Because these are colors that the majority of bicyclists wear when riding on the roads, we want people (whether they ride bicycles or not) to stand together and identify themselves as ADVOCATES for the safety of those who ride bikes on Mississippi roads whether by choice or by need.


We believe uniting to wear Yellow (or High Vis) together on one day across the state will start a conversation and will offer each of you an opportunity to have a productive dialog about how we can work together to increase MUTUAL RESPECT on Mississippi roads.



When people ask you, “Why are you wearing Yellow?” What is our message?




Start a dialog on Wear Yellow Day about relating to someone who ride a bicycle.


Here are a few ways to start the conversation on Wear Yellow Day.  

Nearly everyone remembers learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time.  

Ask your friends to tell you their first bike memory. 



Do your friends, family and colleagues know what they should do when they are driving a car and they see a cyclist? 


Ask them questions and tell them that you ride a bicycle.  Tell them your experiences with safety on the roads. 

Tell them that when you are riding, that you do your part to follow the rules of the road and you wish everyone would. 


Use today to tell someone you know that in Mississippi, IT IS LEGAL to pass in a nonpassing zone (like a double yellow line) (after) when they have determined it they can make the pass safely.  Remind them to approach slowly, check for oncoming traffic, and when it is safe to do - Change Lanes to Pass.  




Wear Yellow Day is a day set aside for people who advocate for road safety to remind others that everyone riding a bicycle on the road is also someone’s son or daughter.  Let's use this day to ask all users of the road to treat each other with same respect we’d show to our loved ones.  


Remember that even those who don't identify as "cyclists" often know someone who is - or has children who love to ride.  Ask your friends, family and colleagues about their experiences. And, tell them about yours.  


Save a life. Share the Road. Change Lanes to Pass. 

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