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This year on Wednesday, May 18th, in conjunction with the National Ride of Silence, Bike Walk Mississippi will hold WEAR YELLOW DAY to bring attention to the need of increased safety and mutual respect on Mississippi roads.  


“Wear Yellow Day” was started by Bike Walk Mississippi in 2011 when thousands of people around the state & around the nation stood in solidarity with bicyclists in Mississippi to show their support of those who have been killed or injured while riding bicycles on Mississippi’s roads. 

We ask that you stand together with us on May 18th for Wear Yellow Day! 


Why Yellow?

People take notice when people wear Yellow (or High Vis) clothing in everyday life. Since these are colors that the majority of bicyclists wear when riding on the roads, we want people (whether they ride bicycles or not) to identify themselves as advocates for the safety of those who ride bikes on Mississippi roads whether by choice or by need.


We believe uniting to wear Yellow (or High Vis) together on one day across the state will start a conversation and offer each of you an opportunity to have a productive dialog about how we can work together to increase MUTUAL RESPECT on Mississippi roads.










Post pics to social media on 5/18/2016 with


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